Towns We Serve

The Lincoln Lakes region covers a variety of towns across the Penobscot Valley. Expand any of the segments below for geographic, demographic, and census information on the various towns .


Burlington borders Lincoln to the southeast, just past Upper Cold Stream Pond. Incorporated in 1832…Read More


Situated on the west side of the Penobscot River, Chester is only 10 minutes north of Lincoln located…Read More


Enfield is located just east of Howland on U. S. Route 2. Enfield, formerly called Cold Stream…Read More


Howland has much to offer visitors who look to find the true flavor of authentic New England…Read More


Lee, Maine, a community of almost 900 residents is located on Route 6, just east of Lincoln on your way to or from…Read More


Ever growing and always looking to the future, Lincoln has become a service center to a regional…Read More


When heading north on Route 2 towards Maine‚Äôs legendary Haynesville Woods or all points west (via …Read More


Passadumkeag is a town on the east bank of the Penobscot River at the confluence with the Passadumkeag…Read More


Springfield is just a half hour east of Lincoln and sits at the junctions of Route 6 and Routes…Read More


Winn borders Lincoln immediately to the north, and is a small but strong community…Read More