Lee, Maine, a community of almost 900 residents is located on Route 6, just east of Lincoln on your way to or from Route1 and the U. S. Canadian border. A working community, from its recognizable slopes of Mt. Jefferson Ski Areas, 5 active saw mills, 2 horse farms, several potato farms, and an ever-growing slate of craftsmen and artisans. A very important part of Lee’s history is its importance on education. Lee has been home to Lee Academy since 1845. The secondary, co-education high school represents 17 different countries, 15 states along with 22 Maine communities.

Also in Lee is Home on the Grange, www.homegrange.com. Built in 1840, this hall is on the National Register of Historic Places. In 1878 it became the Forest Grange Hall and served as a meeting place and cooperative store for local grange members until the mid-1990’s. Thom Knowles & Jane Scanlon bought the building in 2006 and began the long process of renovation. The building had been vacant for 10 years, had no plumbing and no insulation. While keeping the original character and charm intact, Thom and Jane have worked to bring the grange hall into a viable meeting place again. Please be sure to check out their website for a listing of classes, events and their concert series.

The Lee Historical Society formed in 1932 gives visitors to their museum an interesting and informative look at over a hundred years of area life and land mark histories.