ChesterSituated on the west side of the Penobscot River, Chester is only 10 minutes north of Lincoln located on Route 116.

Walpole Woodworkers, with store locations in 13 states has one of its two saw mills located in Chester. Utilizing Northern White Cedar provided by local loggers, Walpole is the only fence company that controls the entire woodworking process from forest to finish. They personally take charge of every aspect of the work, from the careful selection of the lumber, to the milling, crafting, design and installation of the fence. Due to this unique control, they confidently guarantee the durability and unmatched quality of every fence they create.

Chester has become a location of choice for businesses looking to expand. Strategic to I-95, transportation to markets and customers is almost a direct shot to the interstate system. The Chester Town Office is located in the old Marianne School building. The building has been renovated and is a central location for all of Chester’s civic activities.