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Address : 491 Main Street , Lincoln , ME , United States , 04401

A family-owned newspaper now in its fourth generation of ownership, the Bangor Daily News has been Maine’s newspaper of record for well over one hundred years. Established in 1889 by the great-grandfather of the current publisher, Richard J. Warren, the company continues to serve its readers and its advertisers with products that are relevant to the times. Carolyn J. Mowers, sister of the publisher, serves as chairman of the board.
bdnheader A Moment in Time...BDN's 120 Year History One hundred twenty years is not so remarkable for the old-growth forests of Maine that supplied the timber that built bustling, brawling Bangor and gave reason for a newspaper to thrive here. But 120 years for so human an endeavor as a business is a very long time, all the more for a business whose stock in trade is to remain current always. The Bangor Daily News has reported on, fretted over, cajoled and admired Maine through wars and depression, growth and decline, reform and renewal. The earliest automobiles and first airplanes were noted in its pages, likely industries and new hat styles were encouraged, just as carousing and strong drink were cautioned against. To the best of its abilities, it has treated presidential elections and school-board squabbles with equal seriousness, and heard from readers when it didn't.